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The São Paulo Advanced School of Cryptography is an initiative of Brazil's State of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), for the organization of short courses on frontier science and technology topics in any field. Its aims are to further the advancement of knowledge, through thoroughly funded events, which are expected to increase the visibility of research, doctoral programs, and postdoctoral opportunities in the state of São Paulo, especially among candidates in other Brazilian states and abroad. Click here to know more about Fapesp's Schools of Advanced Sciences, and other initiatives.

In tune with these goals, a group of researchers from two São Paulo State universities, University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and University of São Paulo (USP), have put forward a proposal for an Advanced School of Cryptography, SP-ASCrypto 2011, to be held in the neighborhood of Campinas, in October 20 to 26, 2011. We expect the school to be attended by around 100 students, at least 50 of which are expected to be international students. There is a limited number of scholarships for non-local students, which will cover transportation to Campinas (airfare included) and basic living expenses. Students will take basic and advanced courses in Cryptography, but will also have a chance to discuss their ongoing research through poster sessions, as well as enjoy a range of social, cultural and academic activities designed to offer a sample of the region's living experience.

SP-ASCrypto 2011 is organized in cooperation with the Latincrypt Steering Committee, as the first of the schools alternating biennially with the Latincrypt Symposium. Both the proponents of SP-ASCrypto 2011 and the Latincrypt Steering Committee have strong connections, which should make this an excellent opportunity for strenghtening these ties with the international community of Cryptology researchers.