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Title of course #h
Elliptic-curve and Pairing-based Cryptography
PB Paulo Barreto B Introduction to Pairing-based Cryptography 2
JL Julio Lopez-Hernandez B Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography 2
VM Victor Miller K Pairing-based Cryptography 1
Cryptographic Schemes and Protocols
MA Michel Abdalla A An Overview of Functional Encryption 2
JG Juan Garay A Sound Specification of Cryptographic Tasks (II) 3
AH Alejandro Hevia B Introduction to Provable Security 2
AN Anderson Nascimento A Unconditionally Secure Cryptography based on Physical Assumptions 2
Post-quantum Cryptography
JD Jintai Ding A Rethinking Hidden Field Equation MultivariateCryptosystems 2
VL Vadim Lyubashevsky A A History of Lattice-Based Encryption Schemes 2
RP Reginaldo Palazzo B Introduction to Lattice and Coding Theory 2
NS Nicolas Sendrier A A Survey of Code-based Cryptography 2
JS Jacques Stern K An Overview of Multivariate Cryptography 1
Symmetric Crypto and Hash
OD Orr Dunkelman A Advanced Block Cipher Cryptanalysis (II) 2
RT Routo Terada B Introduction to Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis 2
Homomorphic Encryption
SH Shai Halevi A Fully Homomorphic Encryption 2
TR Tal Rabin A TBD 2
Implementation Issues
CK Cetin Koc A Embedded Software and Hardware Realizations of Modular Arithmetic and Finite Fields for Public-key Cryptography 2
FR Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez A Hardware Implementation of Pairings 2
Theoretical Aspects
vzG Joachim von zur Gathen K Complexity Theory and Cryptography; Reductions and Generic Computations 2
DP Daniel Panario A Some Finite Fields Functions and their Cryptographic Importance 2
VR Valdemar C. da Rocha Jr K Homophonic Substitution and Random Number Generation 1
AV Alfredo Viola A Boolean Functions and Cryptography 2